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Biotechnical Faculty

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The building is constructed within a large area in which various buildings of the Biotechnical Faculty are positioned as pavilions among groves of fruit trees. The building is a functional and conceptual continuation of the existing faculty complex. It houses a large representative lecture hall, the dean's office and central library. In spite of the poor construction state of the existing building, it is the only context of design and organization the new building design could relate to. In accordance with the above, all communication passages in the new building are connected to hallways in the existing building. The main entrance is designed from the western side, combining with the existing building entrance to create a large entry platform with benches. The entry platform serves to functionally and perceptively combine two dislocated entries into a unified whole. The connection to the existing building is also obvious at the level of facade design, as it resumes the composition scheme of the existing building. The facade dynamics reflect the functional layout of internal premises and load bearing construction. The library, acting as the "house of learning" is symbolically placed above the main entrance. As the sanctuary of all written knowledge of the faculty, the library has a dominant position both in the direction of the main entrance and in the direction of the main hall. Special attention is paid to orientation of the halls that never end as "blind alleys". They are rather closed by glass walls that allow users a view into the surroundings.

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bostjan, February 23rd, 2014
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