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Arhitektura Krusec

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Tomaz Krusec, Lena Krusec, Vid Curincic

Arhitektura Krusec office was founded by Tomaz and Lena Krusec in Ljubljana in 2002. Later, Vid Curincic joined the team as a third partner. The office has won several competitions in Slovenia and other central European countries, among them Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The built portfolio covers a wide spectrum of tasks, from interior architecture and furniture design to multi-storey housing, office and research buildings, or a VIP Lounge for the National Football Centre. The work of Arhitektura Krusec is characterised by a search for structural clarity and simplicity in the choice of materials. In recent years, the responsibility of architecture in terms of relating to the site and the surrounding landscape has become a recurrent theme for the office.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
  1. Architect's Website
lacuna, September 5th, 2017
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