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Beelitz, Germany
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The Beelitz Heilstatten is a sanatorium complex with strong historical connections in the middle of a forest just outside Berlin - Hitler was here after being injured in the First World War, as well as Honecker, the last president of East Germany. This complex is a tipical example of abandoned buildings in Germany, for fame and echo it is certainly among the best known and most photographed in Europe.

It was partially used by the Soviet Red Army after the Second World War as Lazarett (military hospital) and some structures used as gym.After the German Reunification it has been abandoned for a long time, now some of the buildings have been reused, a rehab clinic has been started and some of the buildings are sometimes used as temporary art spaces.

This reportage is part of We Will Forget Soon (, a photographic project on the history of the Soviet Red Army in East Germany on the 20th Anniversary of their withdrawal, of which Architectuul is Media Partner.

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wewillforgetsoon, April 22nd, 2015
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