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Apartment Block Avion

Bratislava, Slovakia

This cooperative apartment block, in which compact and more dispersed construction are combined, was created on the basis of a second competition (also involving Klement Šilinger); the preparation of the resulting project was entrusted to architect Josef Marek.

In the lower floors, the block is solid, while the upper floors form three separate wings; the outer wings have six floors and the central wing seven. On the ground floor are 25 shops and six entrances into the residential section. In the block are a total of 118 flats from one to four rooms. The architecture of ‘Avion’ has a simple Functionalist appearance, composed from right-angled rectangular forms articulated by striking comb-shaped inserted loggias. Avion is a successful combination of a unified urban parterre with a Functionalist dispersion of masses in the upper floors.

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