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Andalusian Sports Medicine Center

San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain
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New facade

From an existing empty building next to a municipal sports centre, an extensive program has been designed. Its use is shared between the Sports Medicine Centre (surgeries and effort and control rooms for the locomotor system), the University of Cadiz (classrooms and research rooms related to sports medicine) and the City of San Fernando (provision of changing rooms and toilets for existing installations). In addition to internal partitioning, a new front or facade, that provides the whole with an unitary image, has been designed and the building has been adapted for the access of disabled persons.

The new facade is made with compact Trespa panels anchored to the interior brick factory by means of galvanized steel profiles. It works like a ventilated front having a small lower grille and upper air escape next to the gutter, for draining the cover, hidden by the panels.

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0000fjrr, June 4th, 2014
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