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Alicante, Spain
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Carlos Banon Blazquez, Andres Silanes Calonge, Fernando Valderrama Garre

Subarquitectura do not try a complete reality understanding, but to create the laboratory conditions which serve for the development of the architectural object.


They believe, that project anticipates to the necessities, even to the program or to the place. It is a vehicle which is used to deal among the existing reality and the future. In this metamorphosis process, the project acquires such internal as external coherence.

Until reaching enough inertia as to take own life, then it feeds of its proper requirements and necessities. A distance with previous hypotheses turns out, proposing a new philosophy of life around it.

Process implies a diversion of the initial aims, the result is often surprisingly, but always unpredictable. Result is more complex than analysis.

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Alicante, Spain
  1. Architizer
pattysmith, January 23rd, 2013
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