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95 Degrees Restaurant

Moscow, Russia
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95 Degrees is a restaurant designed by Alexander Brodsky in 2002. It was his first commissioned architecture project and is located on the Klyazma Reservoir near Moscow, a place where he would later build Ice House amoungst other projects.

The area has become a Soviet-era retreat, located approximately 12 miles from Moscow. It has been developed into a private getaway location, filled with cottages and a selection of service buildings.

Although fitting into the service building category, 95 Degrees restaurant stands out as a beacon of innovative architecture. Despite it being the first real project that Brodsky undertook, he was in fact hesitant to build on such a beautiful location. The outcome is a structure which barely disturbs the environment and reservoir, with insect-like columns piercing the ground. The thin timber posts which make up the central columns create a delicate scaffold, connected by decks and ladders. The seating is carefully positioned around the decks. The name becomes apparent as the whole structure is slightly skewed at a 95 degree angle, a reference to the natural tilt of the surrounding woods.

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  1. MetropolisMag
aleeshacallahan, February 28th, 2013
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