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Moscow School of Management

Moscow Oblast, Russia
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The Management School of Moscow, Skolkovo is a teaching institute that was founded in 2005 as a graduate business school. It is a joint venture between prominent Russian business leaders. In accordance with the founding philosophy a new campus was developed by Adjaye Associates.


The Skolkovo campus has a disk-shaped base with four different sized buildings located on its roof. The main building, the disk-shaped foundation, is a four-storey building. It will comprise lecture halls, conference halls, a food court and a library. Buildings on the roof include a dormitory, a hotel, an administrative building and a sports centre.

A village for the faculty, technological centre and a helipad will also be located within the campus territory.

The design of the central base was developed from the harsh environmental issues relevant to the region. This meant the separately functioning parts needed to remain separated but centrally accessible, hence the centre disk was implemented.

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