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KOSMOS Architects

Basel, Switzerland
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Artem Kitaev, Leonid Slonimskiy, Nikolay Martynov

K O S M O S Architects is an office collaborating virtually, bringing together partners based in Basel, Moscow, Bangkok and New York. K O S M O S designs projects and environments of all types and scales: from a door handle to a city; from hardcore architecture to pop-up art installations. The office combines art and technology, global experience with respect to local context, European professionalism and Russian drive.

Built projects include: EMA - a renovation of former industrial territory into an Art Center, Pavilion for the Garage Center in Gorky Park, street installation in front of New Museum in New York, pavilion of a "uniting wall" in Hungary and others. K O S M O S' work expands to non-architectural projects as well, often collaborating with artists, photographers, designers, publishers and researchers. Research topics of the office range from the history of Kazimir Malevich grave to architecture of scaffoldings; from regulations of public spaces to relations between architecture and alcohol.

The office name K O S M O S can be read in several different meanings. First, it takes the word kosmos in its original definition from Ancient Greek, meaning "order" and "ordered universe". Its opposite, "chaos" is identified as generic buildings, quotidian objects, temporary and anonymous infrastructure: scaffoldings, railway bridges, light fixtures, insulation materials, etc. K O S M O S takes inspiration from these utilitarian and mute elements of architecture - learning from it and finding ways of organising it into projects. Second, the name contains hidden acronym of the names of the founders. And finally, kosmos also means "space", which unites its' partners across the country borders and continents.

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Basel, Switzerland
bostjan, August 23rd, 2018
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