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Phi: Your Interface to Peer-to-peer Energy

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Phi's interface helps peers to define objectives, and create shareholder and membership rules.

Our collective was born out of a project developed during the program at the Strelka Institute in Moscow, which proposed a system for peer-to-peer energy production and distribution based on blockchain technology. In this phase we developed a web-based simulation app ( that enables people to explore effects of decentralised energy, currency, and governance through a conversational user interface. In order to incentives the users and manage energy transactions we proposed a system of tokens related to energy generation and network reputation.The project was presented to an audience of 2000 people in Moscow during the Strelka Summer Program (, at the Moscow Urban Forum, and most recently at the Radical Networks Conference in New York.This project gave us a ground to establish a conversation with blockchain and energy companies and experts, and find a way how to develop it further in order to get a feasible proposal that could be implemented in the near future.

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aliaksandraphi, January 26th, 2018
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