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, Russia
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Phi team: Artem Stepanov, Aiwen Yin, Aliaksandra Smirnova, Cory Levinson, Calum Bowden

Phi is positioned at the intersection of human-centred design, peer-to-peer blockchain networks, and sustainable energy. We take a lean approach, leveraging our expertise in design, urban research, systems thinking, and anthropology to make renewable energy solutions easy to use.The collective started in May 2017 while the founders were taking part in an interdisciplinary think tank at the Strelka Institute in Moscow.So far we've developed a proof-of-concept web simulation environment (phi.zone) based on the remote Russian community of Ust-Karsk, that intended to help people in Russia imagine new ways of dealing with energy.Our goal is to establish Phi as a social enterprise, and build a test case that we scale to other remote off-grid communities.

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, Russia
aliaksandraphi, January 26th, 2018
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