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Warsaw, Poland
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Beton was founded in 2007 by architects Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski. The studio works across architecture, graphic design, industrial design, set and costume design and fashion.

Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski are both architects, both from Warsaw, Poland. They are also a married couple.

Beton deals with architecture, industrial design, graphic design. Beton creates costumes and set designs for theatre. Beton invents wearable (and sometimes even comfortable!) clothes and useful accessories.

Their 'design philosophy' is growing and transforming each day. Everything seems to be a mystery, a puzzle. So they do not formulate any guidelines, or philosophies. Trying to stay alert all the time is important to them. Trying not to fall into the trap of mainstream, or being fashionable. They are constantly fighting their own limits to create fresh, new answers to certain questions. Answers that will lead to more questions.

Their language consists of images, spatial objects, useful objects, simple concepts. They use this language to address particular problems, reducing them to the core. There is no place for emotion in their work. Only dry, bare bone of thesis and analysis. And intuition - the element of mystery.

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Warsaw, Poland
  1. Dezeen
mariathuroczy, January 24th, 2013
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