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Aleksandra Zarek

Manchester, Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Aleksandra Zarek is an architect with an extensive international background, currently working at award-winning stephenson STUDIO in Manchester. Her professional experience to date includes various practices in Berlin, Lisbon and Poland.

She was trained at the University of Sheffield and Tampere University of Technology, where she developed an interest in using architectural and urban design as a tool for social engagement and urban transformation. Her housing vision for the future was awarded a purchase prize by the City of Lahti in ARA Home 2049 international student design competition.

Her thesis work for the University of Jyvaskyla's Student Union focused on the transformation of the Kortepohja Student Village and showcased how cautious urban regeneration can bring back the socialnotion into cities while embedding a holistic approach at various scales.

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Manchester, Sheffield, United Kingdom
bostjan, November 17th, 2016
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