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1973 – 2001


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A.J. Lutulistraat 17
9728 Groningen

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Muncipality of Groningen

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Wall House 2 Change this

Groningen, Netherlands
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The Wall House was originally designed by John Hejduk in 1973, it was 28 years after it was designed and 1 year after the death of the architect before it was built. The house has ended up being constructed in a completely different location than intended.

Hejduk's original residential design was for a fellow faculty member at the Cooper Union School, Ed Bye. It was intended to be built in Conneticut, however due to the high estimated costs of construction it was never built. Following this point the design remained unbuilt until 2001 when it was constructed in Groningen, Netherlands.


The Design stems from the idea that work and living are different functions and as such should be separated architecturally. This is expressed through the concrete wall element that separates the working and living sections of the house.


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