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Waste Disposal Station

Delft, Netherlands
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Ben van Berkel designed a waste-disposal station in Delft in the Netherlands betwen 1995-2000. This unit was introduced to encourage complete recycling and the breaking down of household waste. The purpose of the waste-disposal installation was approached from the point of view of the collected raw materials and the campaign for separating household refuse.


The lay-out, determined by the transport movements, is conceived of as a mechanical machine. A plateau separates the delivery 'up' from the removal 'down', while the shape of the hall represents the transfer movements taking place. The terrain is fenced off by a half transparent fence which is the same height as the plateau. The activities 'down' recede into the background and the public 'above' has a free view on the river. The entrance to Delft, via the road along the river, is marked by an overhanging conveyor belt while the entrance function of the site is enhanced by a cycle-track designed as a 'bridge'.

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aleeshacallahan, May 30th, 2013
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