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Modernism, Brutalism

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1962 – 1965


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April 19th, 2019

The Pioneers Palace Change this

The Pioneers Palace, outdoor terrace (destroyed in 2000' ...

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The Kiev Palace of Pioneers is an architectural attempt to develop a space which is maximally adapted to the needs of children. The unique nature of the project by architect Edward Bilsky and Abraham Miletsky and artists Ada Rybachuk and Vladimir Melnichenko is in this attempt to move away from the standards of architecture as the embodiment of the "adult" world. The project was the second time, after the project of the Central bus station, that these monumental artists closely collaborated with the architect group, without limiting themselves to purely decorative tasks. The architects tried to “open” the inner space of the Palace to the existing historic architectural environment (Lavra, Park of Glory) and the picturesque Left Banks of the Dnipro river as much as possible.



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