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Edward Bilsky

Kiev, Ukraine
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Edward Bilskiy was born in 1931 in Kiev. After graduating in 1956 at Kiev Civil Engineering Institute he began working in the State Planning Institute "Kievproject" where he served as a chief architect of the projects from 1956 till 2017. He is the author of more than 300 objects in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and Tashkent.

For achievements in the field of architecture he was awarded 12 medals and 34 diplomas. He also was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1967 for the project of The Kiev Palace of Pioneers. His work is one of the best examples of Kiev architecture during second half of 20th century. A list of his works is huge: from individual houses and public buildings to large urban areas, from interior design to individual and series furniture sets. His major projects are The Central Bus Station in Kiev (1959), The Kiev Palace of Pioneers (1962-65) and Residential area"Vynogradar" in Kiev (1971-1986).

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Kiev, Ukraine
bostjan, April 26th, 2019
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