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1998 – 2001



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Mäkelänkatu 70

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Sport Pavilion in Helsinki Change this

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City of Helsinki needed a type solution of sport pavilions intended for open public use at several sports grounds around the city. The first building was built in 2001, located in sport park of Käpylä, in Helsinki. In 2003 the service building of the ice rink was added as an extension, following the same conceptual guidelines. Altogether five pavilions have been built in Helsinki and its suburban areas between 2001-2004, designed following the same conceptual principle, yet each as an unique project.

Simplicity of the linear form in the plan of the building, instigated a more expressive architectural concept of its volume. The subtly expressive architectural language discernible in earlier works of Ajla Selenić, evolved towards a dynamic wavelike form, as an alternative to the predictable monotony of prefabricated architecture in Finland at that time. Introducing a curved form in the section, which was an innovative idea at that time, the back elevation is smoothly continuing into the roof, giving to the whole building sculptural qualities and to the quite severe character of corrugated steel sheet a considerably softer expression.

With an intention to express the spirit of lightness, movement and speed, the building is detached from the ground as a reference to the traditional way of building old Finnish log- houses, as well as a functional solution of minimizing the extent of ground works.

This project was published in several architectural reviews worldwide, selected among the most distinguished architectural projects in biennial review of contemporary Finnish architecture, exhibited in Finnish Architecture 0203.



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