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Ajla Selenic

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Ajla Selenic studied architecture at The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade since 1978 and graduated in 1986. During her studies and as a young architect in Belgrade, in 1980s she has accomplished several notable projects and architectural competitions which were awarded and published in the prominent Yugoslavian architectural reviews. As one of the distingushed young architects, she participated in several architectural exhibitions and events of that time in Belgrade. Her work was selected as one of the eleven projects to represent Yugoslavian architects at the Venice Biennale in 1985, participating in the III International Exhibition of Architecture, directed by Paolo Portoghesi and Aldo Rossi.

In 1990 she continued working in Finland, on many architectural competitions and projects of residential, office and public buildings. In 1995 she founded own architectural office in Helsinki, continuously working on architectural, design and art projects. In 2001 she was awarded the Annual Architectural Award in Serbia for the project of Serbian architect completed abroad. In 2004 her work was selected to represent internationally the best twenty five projects of biennial architectural production in Finland - Finnish Architecture 0203 - the exhibition which toured several European museums of architecture, from Helsinki to Paris.

A new area of creative research began in 1996 with a project Hyperborea, as an exploration of the possibility to construct the space in an ontological sense, using linearity as the basic element transformed into a free spatial dimension.Continuously focused on her inner creative process, based on intuition and growth of the ontological and poetical ideas translated into space and forms, she has worked merging the realms of architecture, art and ontology, aspiring to reflect the inner space of spiritual world into the outer, materilaized space.

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eleftherios, December 27th, 2019
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