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Memorial, Forgotten Masterpieces, Socialist Yugoslavia

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1969 – 1974


Monument & Memorial

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2000 Štip

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"Partisan's Necropolis"

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Memorial to The Fallen Fighters of the Revolution Change this

Štip, Macedonia
by Bogdan Bogdanović Change this
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This memorial at Štip commemorates the fallen Partisan soldiers and civilians from this area who perished during Axis occupation and the cities liberation during WWII. In the late 1960s, it was felt that a new grand memorial crypt for the fallen fighters of the Liberation War from Štip and a monument to the city's killed citizens should be built to honor these victims, with a competition being held to determine a design for this memorial complex. It was eventually won by famed designer Bogdan Bogdanović. It took roughly 5 years to complete, having its inaugural celebration in the summer of 1974. Bogdanović situated the memorial on the hillside below Isar Fortress, set into two separate terraces. The bottom-most terrace was composed of three marble slabs standing upright, roughly 3m tall, carved with curtain-like patterns, standing as a sort of entrance portal. From there, you walk up a set of steep stairs lined on either side with cenotaphs engraved with the names of fallen soldiers. At the top of second terrace, 12 cenotaphs (~2m tall) surround an equally tall engraved stone urn under which lies a crypt containing the remains of the fallen soldiers.

For many years, this stood as an important cultural and historic symbol for many in the city, but since the Yugoslav Wars, its local significance and use have declined, with the site slowly succumbing to neglect and vandalism. Recent restorations and repairs give signs that the local municipality may be trying to lessen its decline.


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