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Memorial, Forgotten Masterpieces, Yugoslavia

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1960 – 1965


Monument & Memorial

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37 000 Kruševac

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April 16th, 2019

Memorial Complex Slobodište Change this

Kruševac, Serbia
by Bogdan Bogdanović Change this
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Slobodište also known as Mount Bagdala near Kruševac, is the place where the shootings of nearly 1,650 people, mainly Partisans, Chetniks, and Roma occurred during the German occupation of Serbia. Slobodište Memorial Complex was built in the vicinity of the shootings, and was named like that because in one of the mounds were found the remains of soldiers of Rasina partisan detachment, who were called "bringers of freedom" of the city of Kruševac ("Slobodište" is a name derived from the Serbian word for "freedom").

Architect Bogdan Bogdanović realized the monument at the suggestion of Dobrica Ćosić, soldier of the Rasina partisan detachment. Building of the complex lasted from 1960 until 1965. There is a following inscription on the monument:"Under this sky, human, straighten up. Bread and freedom are the same thing to us." The basic elements of the monument are burial mounds, "Gate of Sun", "Valley of giving respect" with 12 stone birds which arise from the ground and symbolise new life,"Valley of the living ones", and the amphitheater with a stage and an auditorium. Today, "Slobodište" is a historical complex (mausoleum) which is a place widely visited by citizens of Kruševac, as well as foreign tourists.



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