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Monument of Brotherhood and Unity in Pristina

Pristina, Serbia
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After the announcement of national competition in Yugoslavia in 1959 for building a monument, which would commemorate fallen soldiers in "National Liberation War"/Second World War in Pristina, the monument was built in 1961 according to the conceptual solution of the sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic. It was built at the central square in Pristina, which then had the same name as the monument itself - Square of Brotherhood and Unity, but due to NATO interventions in 2000/01, name of the square was changed into Adem Jasari Square.

The obelisk-like statue stands as an ancient symbol of victory, life and endurance. This meaning is especially emphasized in the context of this monument because of several heavy attempts of its destruction by NATO's dynamite set to damage it in 2000; by the Kosovar administration, who tried to demolish it through plan which included the construction of an underground car park and the construction of the statue of Adem Jashari, though this project was not realized in 2010. Unfortunately, the fountain which was also part of this memorial complex has disappeared due to changes in seventies, but the obelisk and eight soc-realistic figures of fallen soldiers in front of it still remain despite all the difficult circumstances.

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teodora, December 20th, 2018
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