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Socialist Modernism, Postmodernism, Private House

Project timeline

1978 – 1984


Private House

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Felsőmalom utca 2.
7621 Pécs

Current state


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Villámsújtotta Ház

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March 20th, 2019

Lightning-struck Building Change this

Pécs, Hungary
by Sándor Dévényi Change this
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Once a one-storey building, the Magyar Korona Fogadó (Inn to the Hungarian Crown) stood on this piece of land, outside the city walls. Dévényi, commissioned with constructing a new house, kept three remaining sections of the earlier building and evoked the original arched baroque gate of the inn at its original site. The rest of the house, however, changes like it was struck by lightning and shows a negative copy of the three sections: the order of the openings and the rhythm of the wall remain the same, but the broad-stones are replaced by air-spaces, and the areas of jointing are filled with steel pipes. Behind the steel railing almost graphically reviving the old facade is a garage; apartments can be accessed from a corridor, unusually looking over the street on the second floor. The house is more open towards the courtyard: apartments are open to the greenery through large glass surfaces on the ground floor, and loggias on the upper floor. The ‘wall-less building’ is one of the best-known houses of Dévényi, which brought him great professional success.


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