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Reinforced Concrete, Structure, Forgotten Masterpieces

Project timeline

1970 – 1974


Education & Research

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Via Innocenzo Isimbardi 10

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IBM Education Center Change this

Novedrate, Italy
by Bruno Morassutti Change this
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The Education Center is developed along two parallel lines, following the natural contours of the ground and the axis of development of Novedrate. The complex is divided into a rhythmic elements in blocks, that determine the functional development of the internal spaces, divided into areas for teaching, for the individual or group study, for recreation, for refreshment and for the rest, articulated on three levels. This is a modular enough flexible to adopt any expansions and transformations. The vertical reinforced concrete structures support towers of the modular elements. A central yard constitutes the nodal space that connects the volumes with two parallel lines of pedestrian paths. The IBM complex was owned by IBM until 2003, when turned into headquarters Telematic University "eCampus". The building was awarded in 1975 by CECM with the European Award for best metal construction.


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