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Army Restorans And Appartements, Terrace With Greenery, Residential Aire

Project timeline

1989 – 1993


Hotel & Restaurant

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11000 Belgrade

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Peoples Army of Yougoslavia

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ATD Dušan Tešić, Kooling

Hotel Bristol Change this

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Hotel Bristol annex building was funded by the Yugoslav People's Army for the top officers which lived and served outside the capital. Just before the break-up of Yugoslavia it was announced the calling contest and after Lazović winning the first prize it followed with the project design and construction of the building in a desirable residential area of ​​Belgrade. The project was originally represented the reconstruction and expansion of existing buildings. During the completion of the hotel the war erupted in the former Yugoslavia and the military has sold the facility. For the building it was developed a characteristic terrace - garden with tables for day and evening dining.


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