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Two Forest Villas lies in a forest and keep the natural environment without violating the topography. Two separate houses have a common access. The hillside area, where the houses are build, is characterized by the strong and qualitative presence of nature. The environment has strong impact on the design of the buildings, which are designed in a dialogue with the site. The functional program of the residence develops in harmony with the environment, the land, the trees and the light movements.

Upstream in the entrance area is built a base, a support plan from which the two houses develop, projecting in the direction of the wood, conquering an inhabited space, suspended in its own surroundings, living and enhancing the existing natural presence. The two houses with an identical program have social parts (hall and kitchen) on the ground floor and sleeping areas in the other parts. The "suspended house" north of the lot is built around a suspended patio, which combines the outer space and the two living spaces (social and intimate). The "pilar house" with a volume suspended between the trees produces an underlying space from which a ramp develops the contact with the "sky". The construction system is mixed between reinforced concrete and steel structure, the outer perimeter is covered with fibrous cement panels, while the internal parts are made of wood.

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bostjan, January 10th, 2020
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