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November 1925 – December 1928


Private House

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Stonborough House

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Vienna, Austria
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Modernist Haus Wittgenstein was designed by the Austrian architect Paul Engelmann and the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein for his sister Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein.

Engelmann designed a modernist house of three blocks which followed the style of Adolf Loos. Wittgenstein showed a great interest in Engelmann's work and collaborated at the project for over two years on many details. Wittgenstein was very demanding so everyone involved in the project was exhausted. When the house was nearly finished he had a ceiling raised 30 mm so the room had the exact proportions he wanted.

The house was finished by December 1928, and the family gathered there that Christmas to celebrate its completion. After World War II, the house became a barracks and stables for Russian soldiers. It was owned by Thomas Stonborough, son of Margaret until 1968 when it was sold to a developer for demolition.


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