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Ramp, Modernism, Concrete

Project timeline

1966 – 1975



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Rue Cleberg 17
69005 Lyon

Architect Change this

Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon Change this

Lyon, France
by Bernard Zehrfuss Change this
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The new building was designed by Bernard Zehrfuss and opened in 1975. Internally, it is formed of a concrete spiral ramp descending and branching out into the display rooms. The main space of the collection connects three levels in 18 metres high, 312 metres deep and 6 metres wide space. The route though museum follows the spiral ramp what offers different angles to spaces and permanent exhibition.

The end of the ramp reaches two tunnels which creates a visual connection to the outside where we can find two Roman amphitheathres. The building itself is an invisible structure, which constructed in the hill emphasize the importance of the archaeological site.


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