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2013 – ?



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Rio de janeiro

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Project manager: Leticia burkardt

Team: André Caterina, Daniel Osório, Juan Porta, Thiago Marques, Thiago Pessoa, Valeria Lollobattista

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October 15th, 2014

Edifício Mirador Change this

Rio de janeiro, Brazil
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A new viewpoint over the city

The “Edifício Mirador” is inserted in central Rio de Janeiro, in a traditional quarter that has been undergoing through major transformations, both in its morphology and in its inhabitants profile.
It has one essential premise: encouraging a new residential use in this urban context, increasing the quality of its public spaces.
For this, the establishment of a commercial gallery creates a pedestrian boardwalk that connects the streets in its big industrial-like block. This way, through the rupture of great dimensions of the block, the project becomes a facilitation for the pathways.
Assuming a reinterpretation of the "street" as public meeting point, this concept turns building gaps and volume subtractions into viewing points that privilege different views over the city, like “suspended gardens”.
These suspended gardens use the red color in contrast to the more sober coating, that, with the irregular distribution of the balconies, create interesting forms like public spaces taking the street scale to the upper levels, where the streets down below and the building become inseparable, configuring in a hybrid model of occupying the city.


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