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2006 – 2012



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Rua Ourissanga 33, Floresta
30150-200 Belo Horizonte

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Alexandre Brasil, André Luiz Prado, Bruno Santa Cecília, Carlos Alberto Maciel

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BHTEC Headquarters Change this

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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General view from the Northwest

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The BHTEC Headquarters is the first building to be completed within the technological park of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It was designed by Arquitetos Associados in 2006 with construction being finalised in 2012.

The technological park aims to set a standard within the region using high quality materials in a spatially planned area to create overall quality.

The BHTEC HQ was designed according some key premises - construction to be planned over a period of building phases, the implementation of industrial materials and building systems, open public spaces to be integrated in the landscape, multiple functionalities for the building's occupation and environmental efficiency and universal accessibility.


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