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Concrete, Brutalist

Project timeline

? – 1972



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Rue Victor Hugo
93500 Pantin

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National Dance Center

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Administrative Establishment Pantin Change this

Pantin, France
by Jacques Kalisz Change this
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Great hall said atrium with staircase in the centre made of concrete, a partly furnished staircase in ramp, geometric patterns of Aztec origin debossed or embossed, ceiling molded concrete, facade of concrete beams and ceiling form and variable size concrete beams off work and work building high to consolidate the administrative services of the town of Pantin until then dispersed: police station, Court of instance, registry, contributions, registration, water co., weight and measures, social security, etc.

The architectural treatment tries to singling out the volume to each service while striving to maintain an overall unity. The building, with a surface area of 7000 square meters, was built by the architect Jacques Kalisz (diploma project) in the early 1970s. It is then converted to Centre national de danse (settlement created in 1998)
Major rehabilitation works are made by Antoinette Robain and Claire Guieysse: rehabilitation of the concrete facade, acoustic treatment, etc.

Around the staircase have been constructed 11 dance studios, an exhibition hall, conference rooms, a specialized library. Inaugurated in June 2004, he won the same year the price of the silver bracket. Design and lighting are the work of Hervé Audibert and furniture created by Michelangelo Pistoletto.


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