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2002 – 2006


Private House

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January 15th, 2020

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The beautiful site in Lower Silesia where the house is designed has one weak point: south-west access. To avoid the obvious functional collision of the driveway and the garden, the driveway was ‘pushed’ into the ground. This prompted the idea of a driveway leading inside to the ground floor level, from underneath the building, which became possible thanks to the creation of an inner atrium with the driveway in it. As a result, the building opens up onto all sides with its terraces in an unrestricted manner, and the only way to get into the garden is through the atrium and the house. This in turn has made it possible to obtain a new spatial model of the house – a contraction of an atrial building. Its structure results from various transformations of a cube. As a result of stretching and bending particular surfaces of the cube, were defined, together with inner aatrium and terraces. This principle of formation has not only created the structure of the house, but also defined interior and exterior architecture, including use of materials. The building is a reinforced concrete monolith, while all additional elements are finished with dark ebony.


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