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Postwar Modernism, Modernist Housing

Birth date / place

June 13th 1900, Moskow, Russia

Selected Architecture

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Warsaw, Poland

Bogdan Lachert Change this

Change thisWarsaw, Poland
born 1900, Moskow

Bohdan Bogdan Lachert and Joseph Szanajca at the Nationa ...

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Bohdan Lachert (13 June 1900 – 8 January 1987) was a Polish architect, member of Praesens group. He designed a lot of buildings with his friend Józef Szanajca, like modern villas ast Saska Kępa (inspired by Le Corbusier's ideas) , Polish pavilon at EXPO Paris 1937. After World War II he designed part of Muranów (on the ruins of Warsaw Ghetto) and Warsaw cemetery of soldiers of Red Army. He is the author of Józef Szanajca monument.



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