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Belgarde, Serbia
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Office space is located in GTC House, New Belgrade. The interior is done in three phases, the first phase of 1000m2, second 250m2 and third 450m2. After third phase entire floor was occupied. Special attention is devoted to common areas like kitchen, dining area, lounge area and reception. There are various colors and material used for furniture, many walls and floors have wood pattern to give an impression of "warmth".

The working area is strictly divided into teams because it is the investor's request and it is their way of working. Each team must have its own space and the offices are large depending on the teams.

The whole space has six meeting rooms and each has a different color of carpet on the floor and on one wall, so they got the name depending on the color. In all offices and corridors on the floor is gray carpet. The impressions one gets when enters the space are unpretentious, friendly and pleasant to work.

The interior design of "Youngculture" office in Belgrade became the trademark of company so that design transferred in their new offices in Zurich (Switzerland ) and Iasi (Romania).

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