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Demountable House

Lorraine, France
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Involved in regeneration of the region both as a native of Nancy and as a builder of genius, Jean Prouve won an order for emergency housing from the Ministry of Reconstruction and Town Planning.

First built in 1944 to rehouse war victims in Lorraine, these houses survived the postwar period in very limited numbers. Readily transported and dismantled, his "shacks" made entirely of wood and metal were a real architectural coup. The components were shipped directly to bomb-devastated villages, where they could be assembled on site in a day by two people, enabling the homeless to stay on. Unfortunately, the shortage of materials and funding together with official emphasis on the need for permanent housing meant that production of these transitional dwellings never passed beyond the limited series stage. Jean Prouve was awarded the Ministry's Gold Medal in 1947.

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bostjan, June 14th, 2017
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