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Villa Perovic

Beograd, Serbia
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Villa Perovic, [Kuca Perovic] 1988-99

Inner circle within a square boundaries of the site

Private house in a residential area of Belgrade, for a family of lawyers, was designed in 1988 and realized in 1989. Surrounded by neighboring family houses and green courtyards, typical for the old residential areas of Belgrade, the site is entirely hidden from the street, providing a peaceful retreat from urban dynamics.

Project was commissioned to replace two pre-existing modest courtyard houses in order to enlarge dwelling space for the growing family. Two main parallel ails of the house are designed as separate buildings for parents and their son, connected by an intimate round atrium.

The introvert inner courtyard formed by a movement of circular spaces of the elevation within a strict boundary of surrounding walls, emphasizes the motion of space and its flow, focused upwards to the sky.

This project indicates a transition in Ajla Selenic's design and conceptual approach towards the second period of creative work in architecture, based on intuitively discovering own creative process emanated as an inner creative repsonse to the abstract language of space.

Project was exhibited at the 16th Salon of Architecture, Belgrade in 1990.

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ajlaselenic, September 26th, 2018
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