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Copenhagen, Denmark
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The building was a beer hall in 1861 and a popular disco nightclub in the 1970s. Dorte Mandrup entered the historic house with an ambition to expose the building so that the unique spatial qualities could reveal themselves, the visual connections and the spatial flow would become evident, and the individual rooms redesigned in favour of a more manageable form.

Valencia's triple high hall is unique in the dense surrounding neighbourhood of Vesterbro. The hall is the central space of the project and provides a base for courses and conference activities of The Association of Danish Law Firms. As central to and center of the building, the hall constitutes the vertical relationship between basement, ground floor, and first floor. It also frames a floating meeting space, located in open visual connection with the chamber. In addition to the hall, the back of the house offers a smaller room unit which is used for meetings and includes a cafeteria and kitchen.

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bostjan, September 5th, 2018
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