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The Great Escape

Copenhagen, Denmark
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The economic crisis has been followed by a severe refugee crisis, which has led to the questioning of the whole European project. Following this, some very worrying narratives have resurfaced concerning nations, borders and the co-existence of different cultures.

The Great Escape is a "nomadic entertainment facility" that temporarily injects a metropolitan dynamic in small towns through an array of events fusing culinary experiments, diy building, alcoholic adventures, and multimedia expressions. The facility wishes to serve as a vessel of exchange between the metropolitan wanderers and the local folk promoting a space of sharing of cultures and knowledges. The Great Escape traveled the island from town to town, temporarily occupying public space and quickly deploying a set of activities and spaces for social engagement throughout the day and night. It will then quickly pack up and move on to the next town leaving behind a trail of shared stories, culinary exchanges and wine imbued memories.

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bostjan, January 7th, 2019
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