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Urban Senses

Mexico City, Mexico
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Urban senses is a workshop that explores the urban space out of several disciplines and figures out individual approaches of observation or interaction. On the one hand there is the interaction and interdependency of architecture and environment, on the other there is a sensory perception and mental behavior. The architects explore the city in an experimental way. Space oriented aspects of the human senses are analysed in its diversity and its alteration, its relations, dependencies and differences.

The group elaborates a new opportunity of human behavior in the urban context and they start to influence life in the urban structure by interventions. The observations and interaction are developed in the beginning of the workshop separately, in the course of time they get connected more and more to each other. Finally a moved object is generated, an urban space, connected by a central theme, the "urban senses".

Excerpts of the Results in Mexico:Participants worked two weeks on an abandoned and avoided area in San Luis Potosi. In these two weeks the families of the neighborhood became more and more a part of the team. At the final event more than 200 people took part and enjoyed their new urban environment. One of the proposals in Mexico City was the rearrangement of a huge construction site advertisement at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The content of this ad did not correlate to the people that used to be in this area. The students wanted to add the real Mexican neighborhood into this scene. Sites that architects were working on were connected by an endless paper roll that not only connected these but also redefined the space in between. Independently of workshops the participants formed later on new groups of action based on this concept

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bostjan, March 22nd, 2015
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