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Cine Lido

Mexico City, Mexico
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Cine Lido (1942).

Located today in the Hipodromo Condesa Neighborhood, the Lido Cinema was the first movie theatre located outside the city centre. Designed by architect Charles S. Lee, its was based on Art Deco style and designed to host approximately 1310 viewers. The architectural trends at the time gave to the building influences of the Californian Colonial and Spanish Revival styles, taking old ancient Spanish and Mudejar elements, where its most important compositional element was a 20 meters tall tower located in the entrance, framed by the marquee. The Lido opened in 1942 and ran three decades of famous reputation. However, in 1978 its decadence started due to an increment in admission prices and to the establishment of newer cinemas with more attractive facilities from commercial chains. Despite an attempt of remodeling and re-opening under the name Bella Epoca Cinema in 1980, the prices and competitions couldn't be stopped and by 1999 the Mexico City Government acquired the estate that was later sold to the Economical Culture Endowment, and with the support of the neighbors that sought the protection of the building as a cultural space, Mexican architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon was commissioned to remodel the space, today the building stands as the Bella Epoca Cultural Centre.

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taniatovartorres, July 12th, 2018
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