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Beluga & Toechter

Vienna, Austria
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Beluga & Toechter partly works on the ideal of the concept of Unger's archipelago. They developed a workshop Urban Senses in Mexico City and San Luis Potosi (as a contribution to the condensation lab 2013 in Mexico, organized by Martin Lanz). Urban Senses is set up in a way that can be used worldwide as an affordable urbanistic tool.

The following aspects contain principles of future proving:

  • history proofed: since 1977, the concept of Unger´s Archipelago was used by generations of city-planners and architects, to improve the conditions of the city.

  • Small entities: changes are detected quickly, and can be dealt with, before dissolving into a chronicle or systemic crisis.

  • Bottom up: process of this concept assures the acceptance by the inhabitants and users of the neighborhood. Often the concept is incorporated into the community and used years later, independently of the initial organization.

  • Addability: a lot of small entities can be added to a larger one. The in between has to be dealt with then as a new entity.

  • Repeatability: the method can be repeated easily over time: new developments can be taken into account.

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Vienna, Austria
bostjan, July 14th, 2014
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