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Tuwaiq Palace

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Tuwaiq Palace is located on a plateau on the northwest side of Riyadh'’s diplomatic quarter, where it enjoys an impressive view over the city and out to the Wadi-Hanifa beyond. It was originally designed as a diplomatic club but is now used by the Saudi Government as a hospitality center that introduces Saudi cultural life to the international community.

Completed and opened in late 1985, the architectural concept comprises a central building that forms the backbone of the complex, winding in and around on itself over a distance of 800 meters and housing luxury guest accommodation. Five large tents radiate from this spine, which contains lounges, reception areas, multi-purpose halls, conference facilities, restaurants and a library. This design also accommodates sports facilities and landscape gardens within the inner courtyards and outer spaces created by the curves of the central spine.

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