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Trisca Sociocultural Center

Santiago De Compostela, Spain
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The Sociocultural Center in Santiago was originally designed by the late John Hejduk in 1997 but the construction was not completed until after his death.

The center provides multi-use gathering spaces for residents of the San Pedro Neighborhood. The building narrowly fits onto the site with a triangular shape and severely round edge. The building accommodates a roof terrace and is only 4-stories high, baring resemblance to a mini-Flatiron Building. It is constructed with a concrete-frame and granite cladding.

The Center was completed by local Spanish architect firm, aSZ Architectes. Some of the finishes and details differ from the original design, the overall feeling and intent for the design has been kept.

The spaces evoke an intimacy and the manner in which natural light enters from chutes diagonally penetrating the rear elevation make the interior memorable. The narrow bullnose windows that curve around the front allow natural light to come in while providing views. The ceiling on the main floor is adorned with a Hejduk drawing "Wedding in a Dark Plum Room" (1996). There are also windows wrapping around the curved corner afford more light and view for the one-room-per-floor triangular meeting rooms.

Although the space is compact at 600 metre-square (6458 square-feet), it is popular with residents in the neighborhood.

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aleeshacallahan, October 10th, 2013
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