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Tower Houses Trieste

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Each generation of Trieste architects built their own skyscraper between the two wars. Designed by Roberto Costa and Dino Tamburini for the IACP the choice of the tower typology made by the designers was initially opposed by the client who preferred more traditional solutions supported by the managers of the PWU, who grasped its innovative aspects.

Two blocks of 12 floors with a rectangular plan parallel to each other are composed of two buildings juxtaposed by the room which contains a stair lift, illuminated by a transparent wall from on one side and on the other (via de Porta) by the sequence of terraces with a diagonal partition crowning the cantilever, creating an articulation that contrasts with the smooth surface of the long sides and extends onto one of the short sides. Each floor includes four apartments divided into three types, with one, two or three rooms, bathrooms and living room. On the ground floor there are the cellars and the rooms for health and social care services.

In the composition of the elevations on the long sides it is noted that the transparencies of the median area decrease at the ends, signaling the distribution of the rooms to the outside, so from the brightness of the building with the vertical distribution we move on to the two-light windows of the kitchen and living room and finally to the isolated ones with bedrooms and bathrooms. With the raising of the lift arrival station, 13 floors are reached for a total of 102 apartments.

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bostjan, November 20th, 2023
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