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The Joseph Regenstein Library

Chicago, United States of America
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Regenstein Library is the main library of the University of Chicago. It honors Joseph Regenstein, a former Chicagoan industrialist interested in research and development. It was built on the site of University's former athletic field, 427 meters away from the former central library building and in the vicinity of the first achieved controlled, self-sustaining, nuclear chain reaction. The building has 7 floors (wide by 104,9 meters and long by 126 meters) and a mechanical penthouse. To make it look less massive it consists of five offsets, which creates partial courtyards and is at the same time relating to traditional, gothic University buildings. Load-bearing construction is made of reinforced concrete and exterior walls are covered with 2,5 square meter-sized Indiana limestone slabs with vertical marks.

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lovro, April 20th, 2018
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