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Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles

Boston, United States of America
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Michael McKinnell

Kallmann McKinnell & Wood is an architectural design firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, established in 1962 as Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles by Gerhard M. Kallmann, Michael McKinnell, and Edward Knowles.


The firm originated when it won an international competition to design the Boston City Hall in 1962. Soon reconstituted as Kallmann McKinnell and Wood, ("Kallmann, the eldest member of the team, is German born and English educated. ... McKinnell is English born and educated. ... Both have served as ... educators at the Harvard Graduate School of Design." Henry A. Wood "joined the firm in 1965.") the firm would go on to design structures across the United States and abroad.

While the firm's "early period" consisted of bold structures of poured and pre-cast concrete, its later innovative work more often utilized brick, stone, copper, slate and cast stone, among other materials, for buildings that were less Brutalist in style and more postmodernist. In particular, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established KMW's new direction with a copper-roofed villa set amidst a stand of woods.[citation needed]

KMW buildings have won the Harleston Parker Medal, given out for the best new building in Greater Boston, more times than any other firm in the history of the medal.

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Boston, United States of America
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