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The First Boys High School

Belgrade, Serbia
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The First Boys High School after completion

The construction of the new building for The First Boys High School, which previously changes several locations, was started in 1936, after the Municipality of Belgrade donated a plot for the school next to the church of St. Alexander Nevski. In April 1938 the school moved to the edifice constructed by the design of Milica Krstic, in which it still remains (under the name The First Belgrade High School).

The corner building is significantly different from the monumental Serbian-Byzantine The Second Girls High School. Because of the small surface area of the plot, the school building was placed on its edge, and the classrooms open to the inner courtyard. Again the function and form are skillfully combines and the three wings of the building are used for functional grouping of the spaces. Besides classrooms, cabinets and offices, the school had a kitchen and dining room, workshops in the basement, a gymnasium, a drawing hall, a singing hall and an auditorium. The school also houses the infirmary, library and reading room, an apartment for the principal, an atelier for the art teacher and accommodation for the help in the basement as well.

Equally functional and contemporary in program as The Second Girls High School, this school building was designed as an example of the International style, with no unnecessary decoration. White facade, lack of decoration and the rounded corner form clearly point to the influence of modernism. Like her peers of the Belgrade school of modernism at the time, Milica Krstic has too, and with success, applied the principles of Bauhaus, and gave this part of Belgrade one of its architectural symbols. In 1989, The First Belgrade High School was declared a cultural heritage.

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sonjadragovic, April 11th, 2019
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