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Primary School Brockmann

Graz, Austria
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A spacious new "center" is created by a one-storey extension around a central courtyard on the first floor and the large area connection of the existing gangways. Around the central courtyard a learning market square with the GTS (full-day school) and ZIS (center for inclusive and special education) clusters, as well as the classes in the 1st floor. The yard can be opened in the warm season large area and serves as a break area in the open air. The roof of the stand will be expanded by approx. 50%. With the new reading tower in the inflated middle section, a center for the attic is also created, thus underlining the central symmetry of the existing structure.


The one-storey building, which hangs over the gymnasium, is oriented symmetrically to the old building's rifts and is a "tree house". The existing building is thus embedded between the park and the building = tree house. The theme of the trees thus covers the entire school complex. The central learning marketplace breaks the length of the existing gangways, the central courtyard on the 1st floor is oriented geometrically on the middle facade surface with the raised roof body.


The appearance of the annex is designed as a counterpart to the north-side park. The pattern of the facade slabs is derived from the motif of the tree-leaf crown and realized by means of milling.

Ground Floor

The attic is expanded in size in accordance with the addition as a class tract and reading tower. The basic structure is taken over by the standard floors, the wide gangways extend over the entire extension length and can be used as open learning zones. As exposure, window bands (in the south with sun protection louvres) and round windows or glass roofs (for the reading tower) are installed in the existing roof surfaces.

Functional Aspect

A new center will be created by the learning marketplace in the first floor with the whole-day care and the multifunctional dining and recreation area. The functional areas of the ZIS are deliberately extending from the building over the market place into the existing building, creating a ZIS cluster. A leisure area of the whole-day care is on the one hand assigned to the courtyard, on the other hand it is an open space zone between the corridor and the multifunctional room. Due to the expansion of the attic, the teachers workplaces can be bundled with the management and the existing teachers' faculties in the second floor, creating a teacher cluster. In the attic, 4 classes and the reading tower will be built.

The roof chair of the outer classrooms is replaced by a simple reinforced concrete or steel frame construction, resulting in a generous and support-free room structure. The 4 classes are illuminated very well from the north by the continuous light bands and the optical directional surfaces are expanded by means of generous glass surfaces. By creating the 4 classes in the attic is given a balanced distribution of the classrooms over all four floors. The reading tower is characterized by the preserved roof structure and the circular windows, which have been taken over from the existing collection. The reading tower contains the library and could also be used, for example, as a music room, meeting room, group room, etc.

Economic Aspect and Energy Efficiency

Due to the reorganization of the building around the central learning market place, the central terrace area and the reading tower, as well as by the rearrangement of the ZIS and teacher cluster, a high efficiency for the school enterprise is given. The extension and the attic are being built in low-energy construction.

Fire protection

In the course of the conversion, reconstruction and conversion of the attic, the stairways were designed as secure escape areas (fire sections). The fire protection doors built in the hallway are kept open by means of magnetic brackets and only close in the event of a fire. The required second escape route is missing at the end faces of the existing building. Due to the reorganization of the administrative clusters ZIS in the 1st floor and the teacher cluster in the 2nd floor, the second escape route can be dispensed with.


Through the installation of an elevator in the eastern stock elevator building, all floors are developed barrier-free. The barrier-free access from the outside is via the southern courtyard. For this purpose, a new portal is being built and the stairs run into the basement.

The parking spaces on the school grounds will be reduced and the corresponding areas will be unsealed - a total of approx. 320m2 greenery new. The carport remains in existence. Construction of a barrier-free car park below the eastern slope, in close proximity to the barrier-free entrance.

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balloonarchitekten, March 10th, 2017
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