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Urban plus is an Architecture and Urban Design Studio led by Ilir Gjinolli, Arbenita Ymeri - Rexhepi and Ardita Byci-Jakupi. Graduated as a diploma engineer in architecture in 1986, Ilir Gjinolli works also as a lecturer of urban design at the Department of Architecture, University of Prishtina. Ardita Byci-Jakupi, graduated as a diploma engineer in Architecture in 2003 at University of Prishtina, also teaching assistant in urban planning and design. Arbenita Ymeri-Rexhepi has graduated as a diploma engineer in Architecture at Prishtina University in 2004.

The aim of the studio is to develop a multidisciplinary approach to architectural and urban planning and design projects. In project development we are not focused only to the product as such, but also to the process in which professionals, clients, community leaders and citizens together, work to create successful architectural and urban environments.

They are committed to build in harmony with nature, considering the city a living organism that can grow healthy only if we consider that the resources are limited and we should be used by the coming generations.

Within this mission Urban plus seeks to expand the definitions of the field of architecture and urban planning and design, create links between theory and practice in architecture and urban environment, provide the bridge between local government, universities, and community of architects, planners and engineers regarding the issues of built environment, urban growth and infrastructure development.

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bostjan, July 2nd, 2014
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