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Tempelhofer School Cafeteria

Berlin, Germany
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The new cafeteria expanded the existing building ensemble of the school at Tempelhofer feld in Berlin Tempelhof.Named after the second World War, the built primary school follows with it the urban planning ideals of the 50s, which moves away from the street spaces.

The new cafeteria completes the existing, windmill-like landscaped main building to the fourth wing. The typology of the lush greenery of the city is strengthened, the park character that the land uses is continued in the interior. The visible filigree wooden frames of the roof and wall structural system is directly related to the location of the building below the tree crowns, and can be read as second "branches".

The glass front extends the dining room to a tree-covered wooden deck, the boundaries of waxed wood and wood construction consciously superimposed

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alicelee, December 15th, 2013
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